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Snow Fence Store is dedicated to providing all the answers to temporary perimeter control for construction, pet fence, crowd control and destination walkways, utility fencing, road maintenance, beach and dune fence, snow drift highway barriers, and more. Our Wood Fence options are made of aspen or spruce 3/8" pickets woven together with galvanized steel wire at a 2" spacing, sold by the roll. Standing 4' high, the Wood Slat Fence easily rolls out for quick installation and should be secured by any type of post. Typically installed with wood fence posts or steel t-posts using studded fasting clips, this traditional and economical slat fence is ideal for temporary fencing, drift control, and even moisture accumulation.

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What Are The Main Benefits Of Wooden Snow Fences?

The main benefit of wooden snow fences is that they prevent snow/sand drift from reaching roads or any other place where prevention is needed. They provide safe travel on roads and highways by helping with visibility. They also reduce costs for snow removal.

What Colors Do You Offer For Wooden Snow Fences?

We offer natural wood and redwood stain. We also have white available for special order.

Why Do People Choose Wood Over Plastic Snow Fences?

People choose wood over plastic because it's generally less expensive and provides a more natural look that will blend into the environment. This is especially useful near beaches where plastic can be harmful.

How Do I Secure My Wooden Snow Fence To A Post?

You can use the T-Post Fastening Clips to secure the fence to a post. Line up the fence with the T-Post then wrap the fastening clip around the post and secure the clip to the fence. You will need a set of pliers to help bend the clip wire securely into place.

Is There A Difference Between Wooden Sand Fence And Wooden Snow Fence?

Constructed the same with 3/8" wide wooden pickets and woven together with galvanized steel wire, traditional wood slat fence is typically designed similarly regardless of its use. The redwood is stained which gives it protection against moisture and the eddy which forms from snow. The natural, unstained fence blends in with coastal surroundings so many people choose that color for a sand fence.

Does Wooden Snow Fence Really Work?

Yes! Specifically designed to prevent snow from unwanted areas like walking paths, highways, and more, Wooden Snow Fence if properly installed creates a simple barrier that reduces snow build up on one side of the fence. Snow Fence works by letting snow build up just downwind of the fence which then causes that mound (or wall) of snow to disrupt any wind that would cause further snow drift. Check out the Snow Fence Diagram on our newest blog article about how snow fence works.

Here's the step-by-step of the snow accumulation process for a snow fence used to protect drivers:

1. Wind is forced to go around and through the snow fence, losing speed and energy.

2. Suspended snow particles drop out as wind speed decreases, forcing drifts in front of and behind the fence.

3. Very little snow reaches the road, keeping lanes open and increasing visibility.

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