With 40 years in the fence industry, Snow Fence Store offers high-quality, pre-woven Wooden Snow Fence, Wooden Sand Fence, Fence Accessories, Hardware, and more. All wood fence products are made of aspen or spruce wood laths, expertly woven with double-strand, heavy-duty galvanized steel wire. Our Snow & Sand Wood Barrier Fence stands 4' tall and comes in a variety of colors. We are the largest supplier of Wooden Snow Fence in America, boasting 40 years of expertise in perimeter control and barrier solutions.

The Wooden Snow & Sand Fence is offered at Wholesale Prices and unbeatable shipping prices worldwide. We honor customer Snow Fence and Landscape Edging quotes, please call us at (888) 378-1193 or email us at Sales@SnowFenceStore.com.

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At SnowFenceStore.com, we provide decades of experience in the fence and fence accessory industry. We have assembled an extensive list of resources, how-to and installation guides, and informational pages designed to simplify the buying process without compromising the wide variety of options we proudly offer.

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    We have been supplying the industry with quality American-made wooden snow fences for the last 30 years. Wooden snow fence is a versatile product that renders its uses to just about any project you can dream up.

    We are the largest supplier of wooden snow fences in the United States and can get you the best deals on pricing with the lowest shipping rates.

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