What Is Sand and Snow Fence?

Snow Fence at a beach

Wooden sand and snow fence is constructed from aspen and spruce wood lath woven together with 13-gauge galvanized wire. This durable construction ensures our snow fence withstands the elements. Traditional wooden snow fencing is most commonly used to prevent snow from drifting onto highways and airport runways, where snow removal can pose a threat to safety and where snow removal can be inefficient and expensive. Using wooden snow fences to combat snow drift on roads has been proven to be about 100 times less expensive than mechanical snow removal. Ski resorts also use snow fences to help build up snow in certain areas.

By installing these fences along roads and runways, snow removal efforts become more efficient, allowing travel to flow smoothly and safely. And its sturdy construction makes our natural wood snow fence a durable and economical alternative to plastic snow fences. Traditional snow fencing is also widely used in farming and other agricultural settings to aid water collection and retention. A large collection of snow will provide plenty of water in the springtime. Natural snow fences can consist of closely spaced shrubs or conifer trees. Snow fences also stop tumbleweeds from blowing into certain unwanted areas.

How Does Snow Fence Work?

How snow fencing works is simple. A properly constructed snow fence will cause snow to drift downwind of it. An eddy will form behind the fence whenever the wind passes over it, causing a rolling wind current that flows downward and to the back side of the fence. This formation will cause fast and slow places to develop in the wind, which makes a drift form in front of the fence on the windward side. A well-designed snow fence can prevent snow from drifting where it is not wanted and retain snow where it is desired. It is recommended that the bottom 10% - 15% of the fence should be left open. This will prevent snow from settling directly underneath the fence and reduce the overall height of the snow fence.

Not limited to wooden snow control, snow fencing is also used as a utility fence in a variety of different applications and settings that include:

Crowd Control

Wooden snow fence provides an effective and inexpensive solution for crowd control at major events. Because of its flexibility, it can be both easily erected and quickly removed from large areas.

Construction Site Fencing

This versatile snow fence can prevent unwanted encroachment around the site's perimeter.

Temporary Barrier Fencing

Snow fence provides an effective temporary barrier around land parcels, retention basins, and ski trails.

Dog Fencing

Snow fence is a low-cost solution for dog fences and dog runs. We sell tons of our snow fences for dog shows and events where the fence continues to be used year after year.