8 Ways To Use Snow Fence

wooden snow fence

Wooden fencing is commonly ordered and used for snow and sand fences, but it is more versatile than being used for protection against snow drifts, harsh winter weather, and blowing sand. There are many creative ways to use wooden fencing on commercial and residential properties.

    Garden Fencing

      Using a wooden fence around a home garden would provide protection from pests, such as rabbits and deer, while providing an aesthetically pleasing barrier. It also can be used for sun and wind shade, drainage, and benching at home or in garden nurseries.

    Golf Course Maintenance

      Golf Courses use wooden snow fences to protect pedestrians and golf carts from areas where course maintenance occurs. This protection also provides a clean, professional look to the course property while undergoing improvements.

    Dog Fences

      Wooden snow fence can be an excellent, low-cost choice for dog runs inside dog parks. It is also a great option for personal home use for a quick and easy secure perimeter for a pet.

    Temporary Barrier Fencing

      Since a wooden snow fence is easy to install and remove, it can create a temporary barrier to prevent pedestrians or vehicles from entering or exiting, keep an area secure, or protect a new outdoor installation from damage.

    Crowd Control

      Wooden snow fence is quick and easy to install and remove, but it still is a sturdy barrier. Wooden fences can create safe walking paths or keep crowds from entering specific venue areas.

    Constuction Sites

      Construction sites are often full of dangerous areas and expensive machinery, and the typical orange construction fence doesn't create an appealing or secure perimeter. A wooden snow fence can be installed quickly, is more stable than a plastic neon fence, and creates a more aesthetically pleasing barrier.

    General Utility Service

      A wooden snow fence can be quickly installed to prevent unwanted intrusion onto the work site, and it is just as painless to take down the wooden fence once the job is completed.

    Decorative Accents

      Wooden snow fence can also be used indoors. It is a versatile, creative material for any home improvement project or wall art and provides a rustic finish to any room.

    There are endless uses for wooden snow fences, and no matter what you're planning on using, we're sure you'll want the best snow fence available at a price that won't break the budget. We're here to help. If you have any questions about snow fence or would like to place an order, our trained professionals are available to help toll-free at 800-878-7829 or by email at sales@snowfencestore.com.

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